LIMITED EDITION POLKA. CO Natural Aura Headpiece

POLAK.CO Natural Aura Headpiece 


A natural and sphere shaped headpiece with intricately woven netting and star designs, which sit on a natural woven headband.

POLKA. CO headpieces are made by female artisans of the Northern Colombian coffee growing region.

Each piece is hand woven from local palm which is cut, woven, stamped and painted to form unique spirals and swirls on a woven mesh work frame.

POLKA. CO headpieces are woven on a metal frame, which can be easily adjusted to fit most head sizes and shapes.

The creation of each piece takes more than 10 hours to complete.

  • Yellow
  • 100% woven palm leaf
  • Slip On
  • Headband is 36cm
  • Aprox. 25cm high
  • Made on metal frame which can be re-shaped to the size of the head
  • Due to its handmade craftsmanship, headpieces can vary slightly in size and color, and have some imperfections, which is part of its uniqueness
  • Each piece comes in a drawstring POLKA.CO storage bag